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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Legoland Windsor Review

We finally visited LEGOLAND Windsor on the 11th August as a surprise for the children and because my son was 6 on the 12th.

We used a promo voucher for 2 free children with 2 full paying adults.  This still cost an unbelievable £115.80. Adult on the gate price £55.40 and £5 parking.

I was slightly outraged that you don't even get free parking but did know from the website. Honestly Lego do you not think that's a bit greedy!!!

The park was very busy as it is the summer holidays but the kids LOVED it.  We didn't have time to do half of the rides or even see the entire park but they didn't moan. Some of the queues were over an hour long but they seemed happy enough Lego spotting as we waited.  Most rides were good and worth the wait however the Balloon School in the Lego City Zone was a long wait for a boring ride.  If you are short on time give it a miss.

My kids loved the Lego city driving school and Coastguard HQ.  As a family we loved the Viking River Splash.  3 of us loved the Jolly Rocker but my son was a little terrified which was a shame!  I think he's still traumatised from Disneyland Paris but that's another story.

Unfortunately due to the queue times we missed huge chunks of the park but everything we saw looked clean, well maintained and colourful.  The attention to detail is amazing.  My daughter loved the Lego Friends zone. I'd heard about problems with wasps but this was not an issue on our visit.

Miniland is brilliant although some buildings are now looking a little faded.

There is honestly so much to see and do if you can get a 2 day pass I think it would be worth it. We all LOVED it and definitely need a second trip.

For all you Tesco clubcard fans it is enormously worth it for LEGOLAND.  A lady we got chatting to in a queue got in for £13 per person with her points and another lady got in for £26 per person but rated Chessington more. This is an enormous saving on the online or gate prices.

We made a fatal mistake and didn't take food.  Prices inside are obviously expensive. We spent £26 on a baguette meal deals for the 4 of us.  This wasn't too bad as the food was nice but our plan had been to stop at a Tesco express or M & S and stock up but we didn't pass one for miles!  If you visit definitely take food. Loads of families had hampers, rucksacks etc full of snacks and drinks.

We are hoping to go again as we have tickets for 2 free adults between 08/09/16 and 07/10/16.  I think the catch is that we have to pay full price for the kids but will still work out cheaper than a normal family price and we'll be able to do all the things we missed out.  I really was a brilliant day out and I thoroughly recommend. Definitely add it to your day trip list.

Does anyone know if its quieter on a Saturday or Sunday?

We would like to go in the week but kids back at school and I'm not sure I'd get away with taking them out for a day to visit LEGOLAND although the shorter queues are VERY tempting.

Have you been? What did you think?

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Emma xxx

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Summer holiday's poem

The sun is shining,
The sky is blue.
Thank god its not raining you think,
But wait.........

"Mum can we go to the park."
You hear for the millionth time this week.
You really want a day at home
Why can't the kids entertain themselves?

They have toys, lego, a hundred dvds,
Just go and play!!!
You mentally count down the days till school,
But then shudder at the thought of the dreaded school run.

The summer holidays are both fun & torture,
The days can be amazing or stress.
I hope all you parents out there are coping,
Let's all smile together & pass the wine!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Twinlakes Review

On Tuesday we visited Twinlakes in Melton Mowbray. I had been before but this was about 3 years ago.

It is a brilliant family park and ideal for toddlers to tweens. There are loads of outdoor play areas dotted about with picnic tables and a few covered areas to help with rainy spells. The new dream Fantasy Castle area is great and my 5 year old preferred the play areas to the actual rides.

There is a mini farm and great splash park for warmer days.  Some people were using it on Tuesday but it was a tad too chilly for me.  It does look brilliant though and on a hot day  it would be a good idea to pack the kids swimming costumes and towels.

We spent nearly 5 hours at the park and could have stayed longer as the kids weren't bored.

We had lunch in the Buccaneers Island Zone.  It is a bit noisy but clean and loads for the kids to do.  Prices also reasonable.  My children had a chicken chunk & burger meal (similar to McDonald's happy meal) with slush puppy upgrade and it was £4.45 each.  I had a jacket potato with tuna which was £4.74 and was really nice.  This zone has several rides and lots of seating so perfect if it does rain.

As the weather was nice we stayed outside & didn't try the Labyrinth Zone on this occasion which would be another good place to get out of any rain. 

Both kids loved the new bouncy pillows just outside the Labyrinth Zone and would have stayed for hours!  My son loved the Bumper boats (steering was terrible though haha!) and Running Bears Summit Toboggan Run. My daughter's favourite was Jester's Revenge (fast teacups) and Buffalo Stampede (Rollercoaster). The Action USA Zone was our favourite zone and perfect on a sunny day and also the place to get very nice donuts 3 for £2.

I would definitely recommend Twinlakes but would suggest checking the website for height restrictions before going to ensure your children can go on enough rides and will be entertained.

It is an all weather park but obviously the sunshine helps and means you can enjoy the whole site.

They have themed events throughout the year and Halloween will be the next big event with FREE pumpkin carving.

My only criticism is that it maybe needs more signage as we got a little confused with which zone we were in.

Check out the website for prices and more information. Website link below


Prices are dependant on height.  Under 95cm FREE.  It is cheaper to book online so make sure you book before going.


Emma xxx

Disclaimer: I was given 4 free tickets in exchange for a review.  All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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Monday, 8 August 2016

She did it - Bike riding.

After years of resistance my 9 year old daughter has learnt to ride her bike!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

She's always been worried about falling whereas her younger brother who's 5 mastered it last year.

It was partly our fault as we didn't take her out often enough on her little bike with stabilisers.  She outgrew it quickly and the replacement was too big to have stabilisers fitted.  This meant she refused to get on it and it ended up gathering dust/cobwebs/rust.

This summer I told her she had to learn to ride.  She wasn't terribly enthusiastic but went along with it.

Literally after 4 attempts with me holding the saddle she was away.

When she realised she was doing it alone she was thrilled.

For half hour she was pedalling around our local park.  On the way home she had a few wobbles and nearly went into a couple of walls but that was a steering issue haha!!!

I plan to take both children out a few times over the summer aided by hunting for bloody Pokémon. Has anyone else given in to the Pokémon craze??? My son is literally turning into a techno addict.

I think a new bike is now firmly being added to the Christmas list and I'm really pleased.

Emma xxx

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